x86/PowerPC/ARM/MIPS CPUs Control Cards Design, Consultancy and Debug Service

We have rich experience in embedded system design and debug.

We have successful experience in popular ARM processors widely used in industrial and consumer electronic products. For example:

  • Atmel: AT91SAM9260, AT91SAM9G25
  • AllWinner: A10, A13, A20
  • Freescale: i.MX 28

We have rich experience in MIPS products from Cavium, NetLogic and so on. For example:

  • Cavium: CN63XX, CN66XX

We are particularly familiar with below PowerPC (PPC) CPUs. For example:

  • QUICC: MC68360
  • PowerQUICC: MPC850, MPC860
  • PowerQUICC II: MPC8260, MPC8247
  • PowerQUICC II Pro: MPC8308, MPC8313, MPC8314, MPC8315
  • PowerQUICC III: MPC8536, MPC8548
  • QorIQ: P1010, P1021, P2020, P2041, P4080

FPGA Design, Consultancy and Debug Service

We have more than 10 years experience in FPGA design, and have many successful FPGA products in mass production.

  • Communication Protocol Processing: E1/T1 Framer & Mapper, EOS, PPP, HDLC, etc.
  • SPI3(8bit, 32bit), SPI4
  • CSIX
  • MDIO
  • LPC(Intel)
  • LPC to MDIO
  • Clock/Oscillator Abnormity Detection
  • SPI
  • Master/Slave Work-Standby Control
  • IIC for Optical Modules
  • Fast FPGA Serial Configuration
  • 8k 25M Switch
  • PTP, IEEE 1588
  • 8M/16M/32M Highway Converting
  • UART and Redirection
  • FPGA Serial Configuration with Local Bus
  • IIC Master and Slave
  • LPC and Local Bus Converting
  • Display Customized Logo to VGA
  • HDLC Supporting 1024 Channels
  • Multi Booting, Updating and Rolling-back Control
  • DES, 3DES
  • ECC Algorithm for NAND Flash
  • SDRAM Controller: DDR, DDR2, DDR3, QDR etc.
  • BMP to JPEG2000
  • SM2 SM3 SM4
  • FE(100M Ethernet) MAC
  • GE(1000M), 10GE(10000M) Ethernet, XAUI: Hard IP Core or Vendor Soft IP Core
  • PCIe DMA

Electronic and Communication System Design, Consultancy, Debug, Review and Audit Service

We have rich experience and resources in electronic and communication system R&D. Including: High level design, schematic design, PCB Layout, FPGA design, BSP development and debug, desktop software and network management software development;

  • Line Transmission: SDH, MSTP, PON, PTN
  • Wireless DTU(Data Transmission Unit): GRPS/CDMA/4G
  • RFID: Label, Reader, Software, etc. – Parking Management System, Fixed Asset Management System; ETC;
  • ZigBee: WSN(Wireless Sensor Network), Smart Home, Intelligent Lighting, etc.
  • Smart Metering and Intelligent AMR(Auto Meter Reading): Water, Electric, Gas and Heat meters all-in-one
  • Data Service: 10M/100M/GE Ethernet, POS, ATM, etc.
  • Interface/Protocol Converters: E1/T1, RS-232/V.24, RS-422, RS-485, V.35, G.703, etc.
  • Intelligent Video Surveillance
  • GPS/BeiDou
  • Demo Boards and Reference Design Boards: ARM, PowerPC, MIPS, MCU, FPGA, etc.

Mobile Platform and App Development

We have rich experience in Android and other mobile platform. And we have many success stories.

Professional IT Service

We have much experience in MIS development.

We have successfully deployed more than five systems based on LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP), such as: company asset/instrument management system, material management system, R&D review systems.

We provide professional IT service and informatization solutions for small and medium-sized enterprise. Including: Private cloud building; R&D process setup; Computer and networking maintenance; Website development and maintenance; Communication system upgrading.

Specifications subjected to change without notice.

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