Company News
Visteon's JV - Yanfeng Visteon Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. selects Zhefar's JTAG products on 2019/5/21.
Product Update Announcement 2019/2/25: yaJFPb software and BSTest software have an update to add workaround for NXP/Freescale i.MX6 Dual/Quad family's ERR009218 issue. Please contact us for latest software. BSTest V2.9.3.0 and later versions, yaJFP V3.3.3.0 and later version will support i.MX6 Dual/Quad for all tests.
Product Update Announcement 2018/9/5: yaJFPs V3.3.0.0 is released. The new version comes with hardware operation improvement, which supports SPI clock to run at max 30MHz stably. Another important update is to optimize whole chip programming. Including auto whole chip erasing and programming algorithm optimization. According to α customers' feedback, the whole chip programming speed will increase about 30%.
After careful observation and rigorous evaluation, Bombardier NUG Propulsion System Co., Ltd. (BNP for short) selects Zhefar as JTAG solution supplier on 2018/3/5. BNP is a Bombardier Transportation's Chinese joint venture.
On May 10, 2017, China Communications Services Corporation Limited - Zhejiang Bell Technology Co., Ltd. selected yaJFPb software as the online Flash programmer solution.
yaJFPb software have been widely used in Chenxiao to program NOR Flash for years, and Chenxiao deployed yaJFPb software to program NAND Flash on March 6, 2017. yaJFPb software supports PowerPC, MIPS and ARM platforms.
After months' evaluation during debug, Fullead installed yaJFPb software for his R&D team on Dec. 30, 2016.
On July 31, 2016, yaJFPb software went on line in Xi'an Quansheng Aviation Science & Technology Co., Ltd..
On June 24, 2016, yaJFPb-L software was deployed successfully for Tianjin Keyvia Electric Co., Ltd..
Product Update Announcement 2015/10/22: There is an update for document 'Cable User Guide'. Please update to the latest version immediately and follow the latest manual when operating.
On August 20, 2015, the two 'ZDPS-2' (Zheda Pixing-2) satellites manufactured by Zhejiang University were successfully launched by Long March-6 (Chang Zheng-6) rocket from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center. Zhefar provided professional consultant and review service for the two satellites on FPGA and software design.
2015/9/15: HuachenTel selects yaJFPb software to program Flash for R&D and production. The yaJFPb software is highly praised for its top level usability.
Product Change Notice 2015/7/11: We'll raise the price of renewal and technical support since Aug. 1, 2015.
2014/10/31: P.C.B.A. Electronic (Wuxi) Ltd. signed the sale contract of BSTest, the JTAG Test Platform . Zhefar's BSTest platform could meet the strict testing requirement of high end customers, including aerospace and military products.
Product Release Announcement 2014/10/30: Zhefar launches MDIO Master Debug Solution - EthCfg software. The solution will help customers to debug Ethernet PHY on the PC and to bring their product to market earlier.
After about three-month evaluation of two copies of software, United Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. (000925.SZ) purchased 4 copies of our yaJFPb-L software again on 2013/11/26. Zhefar's software is well known for its excellent usability, wide serviceability and low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Meanwhile, Zhefar's quick feedback and good service are highly commendable.
2013/7/17: Three sets of yaJFPb-L software were installed for Jiangsu Daye Electric Co., Ltd. (Daye) successfully and now work for Daye. Our product won the contract because of the excellent programming performance, easy-to-use operation, high price/performance ratio and good service. These sets of software are not only used by R&D teams to debug, but also used for programming in MFG.