About Zhefar
    The company was founded in 2012. Our main products & services: Research & Development; Design and Consultancy Service; Importing & Exporting;
orange bullet icon The R&D team members are top level experts in their respective fields.
orange bullet icon The electronic & communication team members have more than twenty years working experience in famous communication companies. We have rich experience in electronic and communication products development, especially in broadband and data communication systems. We are good at hardware, software and logic designs in relative fields.
orange bullet icon We have mastered industry leading computer vision technologies, so we have strong abilities in image / video processing and analytics.
orange bullet icon Our products are fully verified by large scale commercial deployment and have run for a long time.
orange bullet icon The company has strong research and development capacity on IoT (Internet of Things), especially RFID, ZigBee, Bluetooth and other key technologies. Our products and technologies have served many customers and run in multi fields.